Our Mission:

We use the power of words to inspire action, whether that involves buying a product, booking a service or getting behind a worthwhile cause. The craft and care of our storytelling is at the root. We create organic, authentic brand narratives that connect you with like-minded consumers across a variety of platforms.


Our Value:

To build the kind of relationship with consumers that translates into repeat business, you need them to fully understand and engage with your brand by sharing what sets you apart from the competition. Good storytelling comes in many forms:

  •  A weekly blog or e-letter that keeps clients in-the-know about new products or services
  • Social media and web posts that inform, enlighten and reward followers
  • Long-form articles or short, shareable "listicles" that drive traffic to your website
  • Shareable videos that tell your brand story via compelling images
  • Well-crafted stories—in any format—bridge the gap between initial curiosity and long-term loyalty. Once you've established a connection by tapping into potential consumers' needs, interests and values, they are far more likely to transition from fan to advocate.

Root Words, Inc. understands the art of constructing a compelling narrative that resonates with your clients and permeates all relevant media channels. We have decades of experience writing and editing for mass-market publications from Seventeen to AARP, so we know how to speak to a wide range of demographics—from Millennials to Boomers and beyond—in a way that feels intimate, not intrusive.

Roots drive growth. The bigger and healthier the root system, the stronger and more vibrant the tree or plant. 

Just as roots serve as a lifeline by absorbing water and nutrients from the soil, a robust marketing plan can anchor your brand and help it to grow and thrive in the long run.
— Michele Shapiro

Michele Shapiro, Founder/Chief Content Strategist

Michele has more than 20 years of experience writing and editing for consumer publications. Her first big break came when she was named Film Editor of Time Out New York. She went on to serve as the Entertainment Editor/Director, covering movies, film and TV for Glamour, Seventeen and Self. Each publication catered to a different audience, so she learned how to speak in a way that resonates with each. After losing 42 pounds in 2007/08, her interest shifted to include finding ways to maintain her weight loss and live a little bit healthier every day, whether at home or on the road. She has since contributed content to lifestyle publications including Fit Pregnancy, Prevention, Refinery 29, Fodors.com, CBS Watch, Family Circle, Rachael Ray Every Day, Coastal Living and AARP. In recent years, she has expanded her client base to include lifestyle brands in the health & wellness, travel and entertainment sectors. Among the clients for whom she's blogged, crafted web content and e-mail blasts as well as social media campaigns are Johnson & Johnson, AARP's Public Policy Institute and Staying Sharp (Brain Health) platform; Whole Foods Market; HarperOne, the San Francisco-based division of HarperCollins; and Retrofit, an online weight-loss plan). Michele also co-authored Elemental Energy: Crystal and Gemstone Rituals for a Beautiful Life with Kristen Petrovich (HarperElixir, December 2016). In her free time, she loves to road bike with her husband, Eric; walk her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Ringo; and collect seashells and sea glass on the beaches of Long Island.