You dream it, we write it.


Position yourself as an expert, boost exposure and attract prospects by having us create weekly, bi-weekly or monthly blog posts that highlight your staff members, services and community service efforts while allowing you to create a valuable subscriber list.

web content

There are several ways that Root Words can help generate readable, shareable content on a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis. (All content is reader-friendly and SEO-optimized for easy searching.)


    A page-by-page, top-to-bottom review of all the content on your site.

    • What's working in terms of furthering your message?
    • What needs improvement?
    • What's missing?


    You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so let us create a landing page that emphasizes what makes your brand special. And while we're at it, we'll also convey your mission and craft staff bios that highlight their credentials and skill sets without sounding like a regurgitated résumé.

    Employee profiles

    What sets your employees apart from those at other companies? We'll draft profiles or Q&As that position them as thought leaders in the industry, while also highlighting their skills, passions and pastimes.

    feature articles

    Whether you wish to highlight corporate initiatives on your company's community service efforts, let us report and write articles that reflect your brand's unique perspective.

    service articles

    What are the most creative, interesting uses for your product or the services you offer? Inspire others with idea-driven content written by pros who know which content resonates with demographics of all ages.



    Social media content

    Your office intern may be a posting wiz, but does she know how to speak to your audience in a way that's consistent with your brand's voice and tone across all available channels? We can evaluate your messaging across all platforms and create posts with a consistent, distinct voice that reflects your brand. Whether you're looking to go full-force on Facebook, condense your message on Twitter or demonstrate your thought leadership on LinkedIn, we'll help you turn users into fans, fans into customers and customers into brand advocates with relevant, engaging content streams across multiple channels.


     video scripts

    Words are great, but sometimes people just want to sit back and watch a video. ( A whopping 85 percent of Facebook users don't even turn on the sound!) So why not let us tell your brand's story with a dash of visual panache? Whether you want to communicate with consumers via a how-to, product or corporate branding video, we'll match words to images in a way that's both memorable and influential.  We'll also help you decide where the one-off or video series should "live" (your website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, SnapChat or any combination of those channels). Once we turn your vision into a script, we can also set you up with fantastic directors and crew members, too.


     event scripts/

    If your brand has discovered what a powerful revenue generator events, award ceremonies and webinars can be, let us put words in everyone's mouths. We can also help recruit first-rate speakers and presenters.


     book proposals/

    Is your company's helmer a thought leader who has enough material for a series of books but can't find the time to write even one? We can help crystallize his or her ideas into a shoppable proposal—or ghostwrite an e-book that can be sold on your company website.



     Keep the ideas (and the conversation) flowing. Have us create a weekly e-letter or monthly newsletter that reflects your brand's vision and values while providing loads of tips and takeaways. There's no better way to grow your mailing list and keep your followers engaged with your brand philosophy.